Texas Javascript Conference TXJS

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Can I still get tickets?

Sorry! Tickets to the conference are sold out and won't be available for purchase on the day of the conference.

Node Workshop & NodeBots Day

There are still tickets available for the Node Workshop and the NodeBots Day events. However, these do not provide access to TXJS.

Code of Conduct

We have a Code of Conduct that applies to all attendees, speakers, and staff members. Please read it. TXJS is fun, and we expect you'll have a lot of fun, but please remember that it's primarily a professional conference.

If you need to report any behavior that you believe to be in violation of the TXJS Code of Conduct, you can immediately find a person in a TXJS shirt (will be shown at the start of the day). You can also DM the @txjs account on twitter.


If you plan on drinking at the TXJS After Party, we'd strongly suggest that you use public transportation, cabs, or ride-sharing services to get to the Paramount in the morning so you have a safe way to get home without leaving a car behind.

We don't have any official relationships with a parking lot, but there are two public lots close by:
St. Davids Public Parking and 801 Trinity Public Parking.

Diversity Scholarships


The window for Diversity Scholarships has ended, but we'd like to thank RetailMeNot for sponsoring fully paid scholarships for TXJS. We're so lucky to have such great local sponsors.

6:30pm – 9:30pm at Craft Pride

Thursday Night Gathering

Sponsored by Bazaarvoice

Thanks to the fine folks at Bazaarvoice, we're meeting up at Craft Pride on Rainey Street for a few hours to say hi to all the folks in town. Bazaarvoice will have a tab open for sodas and beer, but there are also a bunch of food trucks around the area and in the backyard.

We'll be doing early registrations at Craft Pride, so swing on by if you're not a morning person!

Craft Pride is located at:
61 Rainey St
Austin, TX 78701

8:00 – 8:50am


With Tacodeli Breakfast Tacos sponsored by Spiceworks

If you didn't get registered at Craft Pride on Thursday, you'll want to make sure you show up with enough time to get your badge and check in. Additionally, if you've ever wanted to taste the best breakfast tacos of your entire life, you should also show up a little early.

Thanks to Spiceworks, we'll have Tacodeli breakfast tacos available in the morning. Make sure you find some of them and thank them with a full mouth of eggs and chorizo.

8:50 – 9:00am

Welcome to TXJS

Fast & Reliable WiFi sponsored by Spredfast

We'll start our day pretty early, but it'll be worth it because we've got a giant list of amazing speakers to share with you.

How the day works

There will be 5 groups of talks.
Each group will have 3 speakers.
Each speaker will speak for 25 minutes.

The topics of the talks are loosely related to each other, but the presenters are each providing a unique view into different aspects of a general topic.

All Day

The Hallway Track

Drinks and refreshments sponsored by uStudio

We've jam packed the day with talks. We'll have a 15-minute break between each of the groups of talks, but you're also free to hang out in the front of The Paramount at any time during the conference. Thanks to uStudio, if you get thirsty or edgy at any point during the day, you can grab some quick refreshments just outside of the theatre!

9:00 – 10:30am

Talks: The Scary Stuff

Sometimes it's best to face your fears straight on. Whether your fears include mutually assured destruction, being man-in-the-middled, or opening a file full of inline styles, this group of speakers has you covered.

In this these talks we'll hear from Simon about simulations, we'll learn about Client Side Security from Yan, and Jed will wrap things up by suggesting that we look into inline styles again.

10:45am – 12:15pm

Talks: UX & Performance

For this fine group of presenters, we'll reach into the depths of user experience and performance. Michelle will dive into building component libraries, Andy will follow with information about new performance tech like HTTP/2, and Alice will close things out with a look into building actually usable interfaces.

12:15 – 1:45pm

Lunch in Town

We learned very quickly that we couldn't match the level of great food that's within a short walking distance from the conference venue, so we dropped the cold-cuts and mini-plates for an hour and a half block for you to head out to some place close by!

Luckily, we had Austin-food-writer-turned-developer Rod Machen do the hard work of finding great places to eat. Here's a list of ideas, but go as crazy as you can in 1.5 hours. Just don't go to the same place as everyone else! All are within a half-mile of The Paramount and can probably get you fed and on your way in time.



Pizza! Pizza!

Pub Grub

The Ultimate Texas Tradition: Barbeque

Special Mentions

Puts the Mex in the Tex

Coffee: The Anti-Nap

1:45 – 3:15pm

Talks: Framework Unshootout

We've all seen plenty of blog posts and tweets snarkily putting down some framework or another, but in reality, all the major frameworks are pretty great. They're all helping define the cutting edge of rendering, or application structure, or ease-of-use. They're also all written by humans, and most of the humans get along a lot better than people seem to think.

This section of the talks will feature a core developer from Angular, Ember, and React, respectively. But rather than only talk about why their framework is great (which I'm sure they'll do), they'll also focus a bit on things they've learned from each other, and things that maybe they'd like to steal.

It's not a zero-sum game!

3:30 – 5:00pm

Talks: The Once & Future Web

This group of all-star speakers is going to point you toward the future. Rushaine will kick off the section with some fresh ES6 knowledge, Mat (you may know him as "Wilto") is probably gonna talk about stretchy images of some kind, and Jake is going to talk about the future of progressive enhancement on the web.

5:15 – 6:45pm

Talks: Expand Your Mind

We're going to close out the day with a set of talks that go outside the bounds of what you'd typically expect at a front-end conference. We're big fans of expanding the way that you think, and these speakers have some really great knowledge to drop.

Jenna is going to be talking about the similarities in processing human and computer languages, David's going to open your eyes with Clojurescript, and Jenn is probably going to explain arrays to you.

7:00 – 10:00pm at The Rattle Inn

The After Party

Sponsored by Homeaway

After so many brain-melting hours of Front-Ends and JavaScripts, Homeaway is excited to to invite you to The Rattle Inn for the TXJS After Party. The Rattle Inn is only a few blocks away from The Paramount. We'll have some games and karaoke/DJ, and Homeaway is covering the tab for the night (if that's your thing!)

We won't be serving full dinner, but there are lots of restaurants and food trailers close by for your supper-y wishes. All ages are welcome from 7-10pm.